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Sandrina Postorino

Managing Director 

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Chris Barter

Co-Founder and Partner at King River Capital

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Sarah Beard

Series Producer

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Maria Horth

Owner, Busy Bookkeeping Eastern Suburbs

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Fiona McCuaig

Founder and Director of Walawaani Way Conservation Burials

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Christine Madden

Global Marine Turtle Conservation Lead, WWF

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Meet our team of indigenous rangers, dedicated to preserving and protecting the natural beauty of our lands. With their deep knowledge of the local flora and fauna, and their commitment to sustainable practices, they work tirelessly to ensure that our environment remains healthy and vibrant for generations to come. Join us in celebrating their important work!


Founders &
Team of Experts

Ian Gowrie-Smith at Panasesa Island 2014 - Copy (600 x 400)(2).jpg

Ian Gowrie-Smith, Owner & Founder

"Doing nothing is no longer an option!"


Edward Cardwell

Hayley Versace

General Manger-The Coral Islands Limited

Ed, originally from England and now living in Papua New Guinea, developed a passion for marine life through diving at 15. He worked on coral conservation in Fiji, studied Marine Biology, and explored surf destinations. Inspired by nature documentaries, he became a photographer and filmmaker after becoming a certified Divemaster and PADI Instructor. Ed's career includes being a Dive Guide and Instructor globally, winning the PADI Asia-Pacific GoPro Challenge in 2008, and capturing marine life through his photography.

Founder & General Manager

Hayley is the driving force for the Conflict Islands Conservation Initiative forging partnerships, designing and implementing programs, fund raising, publishing in journals and developing community engagement programs. She is a marine biologist & zoologist, passionate photographer and videographer and diving instructor, Hayley has worked her way around the world throughout her 20 year career in various marine based roles but has been based in Papua New Guinea since 2016.

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Olly Pitt

Jessica Blakeway

Marine Scientist &

On-board Cruise Rep

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Shark Specalist

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Melissa Staines

Marine Turtle Expert

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