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The Conservation and Community Initiative (CICI) conservation programs span a diverse range of ecological and community-focused projects. Our initiatives are deeply rooted in the preservation of marine biodiversity, working with coral reef restoration and the protection of endangered marine species. CICI is dedicated to safeguarding the nesting grounds of sea turtles, implementing measures to ensure their survival amidst increasing threats. 

Rangers Support


Support Our Indigenous Rangers and be part of a vital movement for conservation in Papua New Guinea with CICI. Your contributions empower local communities to protect endangered species and preserve critical marine habitats. Together, we can ensure a sustainable future for both people and nature.

Manta Ray Program Support


Your donation helps us monitor and protect manta ray populations, ensuring their habitats are safeguarded against threats like overfishing and habitat destruction. By adopting a manta ray, you'll receive personalized updates on your manta's journey, including photos and tracking information. Your contribution not only helps protect these gentle giants but also supports broader marine conservation efforts. Join us in making a meaningful difference—adopt a manta ray today and become a champion for oceanic biodiversity.

Turtle Program Support


By donating to our turtle program, you can help us protect these critically endangered turtles and prevent them from disappearing forever. Your support will enable us to implement conservation measures, and raise awareness the importance of turtle conservation. Join us in our efforts to save these amazing creatures and make a positive impact on our planet.

Solwara Meri Rangers


Support the Solwara Meri program CICI and be part of a transformative journey empowering women in PNG. This program offers employment and training for women in remote coastal communities, fostering skills in marine conservation, eco-tourism, and sustainable livelihoods. By donating to the program, you are not only providing women with career paths & financial independence but contributing to the broader goals of gender equality and community-led conservation. Your support helps create a future where women lead, inspire, and make a positive impact. Join us in empowering women and protecting the environment—donate to the Solwara Meri program today.

Coral Program Support


Help us breathe life back into our coral reefs with your donation to CICI's coral restoration projects. Your support is the key to restoring vibrant underwater ecosystems, providing a sanctuary for marine life, and preserving the beauty of our oceans for generations to come. Together, let's make waves of change and ensure a thriving future beneath the waves.

Where they Walk Program Support

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Support the "Where They Walk" and become a part of groundbreaking conservation work. The unique epaulette shark, known for its ability to "walk" on land, faces threats from habitat loss and overfishing. Your donation helps us research and protect these remarkable creatures and their ecosystems. Your contribution not only helps safeguard this incredible species but also supports broader marine conservation in the region. 

Shark & Ray Program Support

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Marine Debris & Beach Clean Ups

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Community Distribution Support

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Help protect sharks and rays by supporting this program. These iconic marine species face serious threats from overfishing, habitat loss, and unsustainable shark finning. By supporting CICI's program, you'll play a direct role in their conservation. Your donation funds crucial research, monitoring, and protection efforts that keep these incredible creatures safe.

Make a lasting impact on our oceans by supporting the Marine Debris and Beach Clean-Up Program. By sponsoring and donating to our clean-up efforts, you help us remove harmful waste, restore coastal habitats, and prevent further damage to marine ecosystems. Your support directly contributes to creating cleaner, safer beaches for everyone. Donate to the Marine Debris and Beach Clean-Up Program today and help us keep our oceans clean and vibrant.

Support the CICI in bringing essential resources to remote communities. Your donation helps distribute women's health products, solar lights, and books to schoolchildren, making a tangible difference in their everyday lives. These resources empower women with access to necessary health products, bring light to families without electricity, and provide educational materials that inspire learning. Join us in this meaningful mission—donate today and be part of a brighter, healthier, and more educated tomorrow.




Join us in making a lasting impact for marine conservation in Papua New Guinea with CICI. Your support, whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness, enables us to protect endangered species and critical habitats. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for the oceans and all who depend on them.

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