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The stark reality of the poaching issues we face, on what when CICI first begin our turtle conservation work in the 2016 season, almost on a daily basis back then is clearly evident in the harsh images below. 

In our 2019 season we implemented a new and what turned out to be a very successful strategy of our Turtle Task Force, as back up for our community Conservation Rangers. By the end of the season they to were passionate about turtle conservation and very capable rangers. 

In 2019 we rescued 13 turtles from one group poachers, all female all headed to be slaughered

Since the start of CICI's conservation work and active monitoring and protection of the turtles we have had a reduced number of encounters with poachers. This success can be concluded to be through the joint efforts of the education and awareness programs in the communities who come to poach the turtles from the Conflict Islands and the active partols and protection from both the Conservation Rangers and the Turtle Task Force. 

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