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Shark & Ray Initiative

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a very big Thank you to The Global FinPrint Project for the donation of our BRUV units.

Have you ever wanted to know what goes on under the surface of the water when you are not around? 

Using Baited Remote Underwater Video or BRUV's you get to participate in an underwater survey of the species of shark and rays (and other predators) who call the Conflict Islands home.

This is the first of its kind to be used on a long term basis to create a set of base line data for this area of Papua New Guinea, Milne Bay.

Details for the internship are in the PDF which you can download below.



As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to gain valuable field experience, working alongside our marine biologist, local staff & other volunteers. You will be able to develop new skills in field work, data collection, data entry, shark & ray species identification & best of all you get to do it in the amazing rich and diverse

Conflict Islands.

Learn about PNG's culture from our  local island communities that we visit, and our dedicated local staff that from the CICI Team

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