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Critical tech to help CICI protect Sea Turtles from extinction.

In our role in protecting endangered and critically endangered sea turtles, we are missing vital information. While we can protect their lives and eggs when mature female Green and Hawksbill Turtles come to nest on the Conflict Islands, we cannot protect them once they leave, quite simply because we don’t know where they go!


You can help us gain the technology that delivers this critical insight through a tax-deductible donation toward satellite tags. Together we can help preserve these graceful and curious sea species from extinction.


Why is this important?

Satellite tags will mean we get to see in real time where turtles go when they leave the Conflict Islands in Papua New Guinea. Understanding the habitats and migratory pathways of Green and Hawksbill turtles, and when they are utilising them, delivers vital data that can be used to form legislation and agreements on national treaties and trade.


What we do know is that sea turtles often travel hundreds - even thousands - of kilometres to and from the beaches where they nest (roughly every three to four years). Preliminary research suggests our nesting females take the long journey home to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef.


In our Australian waters, marine turtles are protected, but international borders don’t apply for these critically endangered swimmers. Between the Conflict Islands and Australia danger lurks. They are being hunted for profit, and exposed to fishing nets and pollution.



There is currently no legal protection or laws to stop people from taking Green or Hawksbill Turtles in Papua New Guinea.

We won’t let them disappear

At CICI, we will never stop fighting for the safety and survival of these magnificent sea creatures. The Green and Hawksbill Turtles are almost extinct. If their permanent absence was not devastating enough, without them our marine ecosystems - coral reefs in particular - will greatly suffer due to the essential role turtles play in maintaining their health.


Preliminary research actioned by Christine Madden Hof, our board director, marine scientist and turtle expert, showed the trajectory of 16 Hawksbill turtles satellite tagged by our CICI team on the Conflict Islands. The majority of the turtles undertook an incredibly long 945km journey to Great Barrier Reef!

Our team are already trained and experienced in the application of satellite tags. It’s simply a matter of getting the expensive hardware and integrating them into our existing turtle monitoring program.

You can play a vital role in protecting sea turtles by helping us purchase satellite tags. Please send your generous tax-deductible contribution today.

Every dollar raised in this campaign will go directly to purchasing satellite tags which will significantly contribute to turtle protection. The cost of one satellite tag for tracking is $2499 which means 5 x $500 donations enables the purchase of one tag. Please give generously!

For groups, schools’ and workplace fundraising projects, please get in touch. $4,500 allows you to name and track your very own turtle!


Thank you for protecting the turtles.

Please note: Thanks to evolving technology, transmitters continue to get smaller and more efficient.
Research suggests that a transmitter does not impact a sea turtle’s migration, feeding and mating behaviour.

CICI is an Australian NGO operating in Papua New Guinea.

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