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Trip 3 Volunteers, 2018.

Trip 3 began with a late start, after a few flight delays! Once arriving at Conflicts, the group of very excited volunteers jumped straight into the water for a morning snorkel and swim, before being met with cuddles from one of Hayley and Ed's beautiful island dogs, Odin!

Odin greeting us on arrival

The afternoon of the first day was spent learning data collection techniques in the nursery, and playing with sea turtle hatchlings!

Hawksbill hatchling.. what a way to start my volunteer week

The afternoon of the first day, we headed straight for the Eastern side of Conflicts, to Panarakuum and Arorora Islands for patrol! Two Hawksbills were found on Panarakuum on the first night!

The next day was filled with diving and turtle rodeo, where we were able to tag and release 13 juvenile, Green Turtles, and one juvenile Hawksbill! Interestingly, we were able to re-catch a Green turtle that was tagged last turtle season!

Hayley addressing us all on board UE

Getting on with the day by doing turtle rodeo

The volunteers were able to join a beautiful awareness day at Koriawa, where they learnt to weave baskets, climb mountains to the skull caves and learn to climb coconut trees, before heading back to Alotau to continue their journey back home!

Learning how to weave baskets at Kwaraiwa

A big thank you for your participation to trip three,

Charlie, Sarah, Nicola, Georgia, Bethany, Gabe, Maddi, Gabbi, Eva, and Damon!

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