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Trip 1 of the Conflict Islands Turtle Conservation Internship

Welcoming Trip 1,2017 volunteers

Getting her tagged before letting her go

On the 3rd of November we welcomed our first turtle volunteers to the Conflict Islands! This first Trip we had the smallest group, with only 6 volunteers.

The trip started well with 3 green turtles tagged on the first night! Throughout the trip the volunteers have encountered sailing canoes coming onto the islands to take turtles. During the second week of the internship we interrupted a group of young boys trying to take some hawksbill turtle eggs! The volunteers rescued the eggs and reburied them in the sand.

The day time was spent diving, snorkeling, kayaking and playing with baby turtles!

On Monday the 13th November we conducted community engagement at Panaeati Island. We spent time talking to the 2 elementary schools and 1 primary school about turtle conservation. Our volunteers made up some posters about the impacts of plastic pollution in the marine environment and presented them to the young kids. We capitalised on the positive response that we received from the schools to arrange a meeting with the local councillor and many elders of the community.

There was some discussion and debate amongst the community, however the overall response was very positive. Many of the people in the Panaeati community showed support for the work that we are doing and the conservation goals that we are working towards.

Across these first two weeks the volunteers and turtle staff have tagged 42 sea turtles, 36 green turtles and 6 hawksbill turtles. An amazing effort by our Turtle Team!!

To top off the trip we found 3 hawksbill hatchlings on the last turtle patrol of the trip! Our new babies (named Maddy, Inga and Luko) are now safely swimming around our Turtle Nursery!

A big thank you to our amazing volunteers Tracey, Maddy, Inga, Ludo, Lythiah and Viniu!!!

Doing Awareness to local schools on Panaeati

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