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Turtle Tagging and Conservation at the Conflict Islands

Data entry for this mother green

The turtle nesting season has now begun at the Conflict Islands!

Green and hawksbill turtles come up onto the beaches of the Conflict Islands to lay their eggs from November to February. The turtles will lay between 80-140 eggs in each clutch and will lay eggs every 2 weeks.

Heading back to sea after nesting

This year the Conflict Islands Conservation Initiative has set up our first tagging and monitoring project, to work alongside our Turtle Hatchery and Nursery.

Six staff members have been hired from our neighbouring island groups; Panaeati and the Engineer Group to work as turtle monitoring guides and assist volunteers throughout this turtle season.

After several days of training and monitoring our Turtle Guides and Turtle Nursery staff tagged their first turtle last night, an endangered green sea turtle!

After the turtle had finished laying her eggs, the gps location of her nest was marked, she was measured and then tagged before she returned back to the ocean.

Well done to our fabulous Turtle Team on their efforts! We can’t wait to welcome our first group of volunteers on Friday!!!

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