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Expansion of our Turtle Nursery

Turtle tanks ready for a new season

This has been an exciting week at the Conflict Islands Conservation Initiative, with the introduction of two new turtle tanks!

Our new turtle tanks are more than double the size of our existing tanks and were made locally at Samarai Plastics in Alotau, Milne Bay Province.

We have spent the last week redoing the plumping in the Turtle Nursery and installing new water pumps to accommodate the extra water flow.

Baby green coming up for air

Eight of our older turtles (9 months) have been moved into these new tanks.

The Conflict Islands Turtle Nursery looks after young sea turtles that hatched from our turtle hatchery. The strongest, healthiest turtles are released and the weaker turtles, with developmental issues and slower growth rates are raised in our nursery until they are strong enough to be released.

With less than 1% of turtle hatchlings reaching maturity we hope to increase the chance of survival of these young turtles.

These tanks were funded by donations from guests visiting the Conflict Islands on P&O Cruises.

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