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As climate change is creating a huge shift in coral abundance and diversity, the need to assess the health of our reef is paramount to conservation here at CICI. Without the reef-building coral, there will be a dramatic shift in coral reef inhabitants and functional groups, which will impact food chains (including humans!) within the Milne Bay province, PNG. Hence, gaining more knowledge of these animals is all part of your program! This project is going to assess the reef-building coral and reef fishes around the Conflict Islands through the development of a long term survey program. Participants will record the health and persistence of the reef building coral and fish inhabitants around key islands, including recording species, coral growth and reproductive output within habitats. Participants will learn skills in

  • Boats/ropes 

  • Animal handling/tagging/sampling

  • Fish Identification

  • Coral Identification

  • Scientific data collection and analysis

  • Ecological surveys

  • Dive certificates (if requested) 

  •  Snorkeling while collecting data

  • Coral Fragmentation and gardening

  • Education and Awareness

Conflict Islands, Milne Bay

Papua New Guinea

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